Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Smiling

each of these things are making me smile, making me happy
*because I carry my camera close at hand now, and randomly snap pictures
*because my friend has a free subscription to Chicago Tribune, for the coupons, and is giving me the newspaper to read when she has taken the coupons out
*because its fun trying to learn how to hold and read a newspaper
*an hour and a half phone conversation with this girl
*trying new ways to wake myself up in the morning. I fell out of bed one morning this week, trying to quickly get to my alarm clock. Not one of my favorite ways to wake up ;)
*editing my novel, The Silver Flower (again)
*talking to my sister, and us laughing (almost) hysterically
*taking pictures
*riding my bike for an hour
*remembering I can ride no-handed
*realizing I ride no-handed a lot better than I thought.
*riding my bike no-handed around corners and up and down slight inclines
*finding new and creative ways to write letters
*this song
*the weather here

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