Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taking a Break Means Starting a Project

I've recently finished a draft of my novel (17,600 words) and decided I needed a break from it.

I really like it, but if I don't stop myself I'll be editing it 'till kingdom come. As soon as I think I'm done with a draft, I get a new idea and start editing again.

So I decided to take a month long break from it, work on some other projects (not to mention schoolwork...), and then look at it again. With fresher eyes. More prone to see mistakes I make, and plot holes I created.

So in the meantime (because you know I can't just do schoolwork...) I've been working on another project. When I can't figure out what to write, I draw. Pencil, watercolor, paint, chalk, whatever. The pictures are watercolors that got me writing again this month.

I have this goal to write something everyday, to make it habit. So I've been experimenting with a sequel to my novel. So far so good, I havn't encountered too many plot problems.

When you are in the limbo between projects, what do you do?