Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quite A Week

This has defiantly been quite a week. We had our last regular day of school on Monday, Tuesday was a review day, and finals started Wednesday. Well, they were supposed to... Only I could get sick on the first day of finals. Needless to say, I stayed home. I sat in front of the TV most of the day watching reruns. I watched an episode of Hart to Hart (and really liked it!), a painter named Bob Ross (he is amazing!), and so many other shows that they are all running into each other.

Thursday I had two more finals and a 'homeroom' sort of hour for make ups. I made up my American Government final, and took the constitution test (I passed!), and then started my art final. After the first final, they made an announcement on the loud speaker that because of a coming storm we were starting school two hours late the next day- at 10 am. Most of us were not happy- we wanted to get our last day of finals over with- but there was nothing we could do about it.

Some storm!

It was supposed to be an inch of ice, up to 6 inches of snow, and there was even supposed to be a thunderstorm... We got some hail, and a couple inches of snow that all turned as hard as a rock. After finals were over, I was recruited, along with my sisters, to shovel the driveway... Not fun. The snow/ice was so hard that we had to use metal dirt shovels to break it off the driveway! And there is still a thin layer of ice in some spots that we gave up on.

And then, Friday night at about 6 pm, I was taught that I need to be more careful when I write things on my calendar... I had been planning on sitting The Twins TONIGHT, but I had written it down wrong and it was Friday night... I was scrambling everywhere trying to get ready and we were off in about 5 min..

We had a lot of fun- The Twins are 7 years old and are very energetic. They played on the computer until dinner, and then we played games while listening to Christmas music. We played Old Maid, Uno, The Go Fishing Game (NOT go fish), and even Chutes and Ladders. And then they broke out the Light Sabers. We were all running around like crazy and I was getting tired fast. But not The Twins. Eventually they tired- about an HOUR later- but the timing was perfect because it was time for bed.

So, yes: this has been Quite A Week.

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