Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson is back! I really liked this book, it followed The Lightning Thief well, I think. It was written in the same style, in the same speed, and was not better or worse than the book before it. Percy almost made it through an entire year of school without getting expelled. He thinks it was too good to be true, and he was right. Monsters find him and get him kicked out on the last day. The only reason Percy was alive was because a friend of his, Tyson, saved his life. Annabeth finds them and tells them that they need to get going, Camp Half Blood awaits. The camp is going through some problems- monsters can get in, and have attacked the camp more than once already. Percy figures out how to save the camp, but will he be allowed to do so? Will he be able so save Grover, too? Who is Tyson anyway?

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