Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Penelope is about this twenty-five year old girl. She loves plants, and does not like ‘interviews’. These interviews are set up by her mother, Jessica, and the matchmaker she hired, Wanda. They found eligible young men for Penelope who were blue-bloods. These were the only ones who could break the curse.

One problem. As soon as any of them see her, they run away. Why? Penelope was born with a pig nose. A REAL pig nose. The only way to break the curse set against her family because of her great-great-great-grandfather Ralph’s actions is for a true blue-blood to accept the pig-girl the way she is.

Penelope gets very tiered off all these ‘interviews’, and soon takes matters into her own hands. She sets up the next few days of interviews on her own. Things don’t go as her mother or Wanda thought, or, for that matter, the way Penelope thought. Will Penelope ever be rid of her curse? Will she do something rash?

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Carrie said...

I saw the movie last year but haven't read the book. How would you say that the two compare? I'm curious about it!