Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jimmy's Stars Tour- Day 3

'For the duration'-11 year old Ellie hates this phrase. She has had to give up so many things for the war effort- for until the war is over. Like rubber, and driving, like replacing meat with soy extender, and giving up her roller skates for the scrap metal drive. But there is one thing she does not want to give up- someone.

Ellie's older brother Jimmy has been drafted, 'for the duration', and Ellie is devastated. Ellie adores Jimmy. They do so many things together, and are very close. Jimmy can always make Ellie smile. She hopes that the war will be over before he has to go, but the war does not listen to Ellie's pleas. " ...the days slipped by as fast as the trees shed tier leaves. And the war didn't end."

Then there is Aunt Toots. She is going to live with Ellie and her parents 'for the duration'. She is going to stay in Jimmy's room. She moves all of Jimmy's things- how much more of this can Ellie handle?

'Jimmy's Stars' was a joy for me to read. I read the last half or so on an airplane on my way home this summer. My mom kept looking over from across the isle (like everyone else near me...) because I was really getting into this book. I cried. It was a silent cry, but the tears continued to pour down- some sad, some happy. Thank goodness my mom had an extra pack of travel Kleenex (moms think of everything don't they :P ), or I mightn't have made it through the flight. I cried, smiled, laughed- sometimes all at once...

I finished the book just before we got to the airport, a few minuets before our descent. I looked out the window, saw the orange sun setting, closed tho book, took a deep breath, and let out a very satisfied sigh.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I cried, too. I wasn't on a plane, thank goodness. But I really cried. And I also laughed. And finished with a sigh.

Nicole said...

I was not expecting to cry. I was stunned when I did. I found that it made the book more satisfying... in a way