Sunday, April 13, 2008

Top 15 Puddleglum quotes

I got to thinking, after I did a challenge on another blog, about Puddleglum. He is a Marshwiggle from the Marshes in Narnia. He first shows up in The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis. I do believe he is one of my favorite characters! So, here are my top 15 Puddleglum-ish quotes.

-“What is it? Is the king dead? Has an enemy landed in Narnia? Is it a flood? Or dragons?”

-“Good morning Guests” he said. “Though when I say good I don’t mean it wont probably turn to rain or it might be snow, or fog, or thunder. You didn’t get any sleep, I daresay.”

-“Now… those eels will take a mortal long time to cook, and either of you might faint with hunger before they’re done."

-“…but I’d better not tell you that story. It might lower your spirits, and that’s a thing I never do.'

-“Very likely, what with enemies, and mountains, and rivers to cross, and losing our way, and next to nothing to eat, and sore feet, we’ll hardly notice the weather.”

-“Now a job like this-a journey up north just as winter’s beginning, looking for a Prince that probably isn’t there, by way of a ruined city that no one has ever seen-will be just the thing."

-“The bright side of it is… that if we break our necks getting down the cliff, then we’re safe from being drowned in the river.”

-“This’ll be a test, you see. If I curl up, or burst, or turn into a lizard, or something, then you’ll know not to take anything they offer you.”

-“We’ll never see it again, I shouldn’t wonder. You may have blotted it out and turned it dark like this, for all I know. Nothing more likely.”

-“That’s it, Sir… Unless it should happen to be the end of the whole world.”

-“Not much chance of being burnt. That’s the bright side of it,” observed Puddleglum, pointing to their right. There, hardly a hundred yards away, lapping against the walls of the houses, was the water."

-“Those lamps will give out in five minutes, I shouldn’t wonder.”

-“Nothing worth talking about has happened to me. I want to hear the news. Don’t try breaking it to me gently for I'd rather have it all at once. Has the king been shipwrecked? Any forest fires? No wars on the Calormen boarder? Or a few dragons, I shouldn’t wonder?”

-“Not much chance of that I should say… I don’t reckon I’m very likely to see my old wigwam again, either. And that Prince- he’s a nice chap- but do you think he’s very strong? Constitution ruined with living underground, I shouldn’t wonder…”

-“He'll want to have the leg off at the knee, I shouldn’t wonder. You see if he doesn’t."

Puddleglum word of wisdom

-“Don’t cry out before you’re hurt or you will be hurt, see?”


Erin said...

:) Now I really want to reread Silver Chair!

Anonymous said...

Good ol' Puddleglum. I'm sure our doctors today would want to put him on anti-depressants, but I like him the way he is!

Nicole said...

I think it is hilarious that he is one of the light-hearted Marshwiggles! I love him just the way he is too. I am actually rereading the Silver Chair now because of your quote prompt, Erin. I wanted a quote from dear old Puddleglum, and finding one made me want to read it all over again!

I am glad he is not on anti-depressants... that would take all the fun (ironically) out of the Silver Chair! think what the story would be like without Puddleglum making all those depressing remarks! It actually makes me laugh when I read it, not become down-hearted... CS must have been an expert at reverse psychology!

Anonymous said...

I love Puddleglum. He's the best.

Have you ever read Jonathan Rogers' Wilderking series? He created a race--the feechies--and one feechie character named Dobro Turtlebane. He's not at all like Puddleglum but when I met him I thought he's every bit as real as puddleglum. And I love him even more than puddleglum. He's a wild child. If you've not met him, you should do so.

Anonymous said...

Whoo! I love Puddleglum.

Celtic Traveler said...

Oh, I LOVE Puddleglum!

Nicole said...

haha, I think he is one of my favorite supporting characters from the Narnia books- him and reepicheep :)
thanks everybody, for stopping by and commenting!

Anonymous said...

Puddleglum is my ABSOLUTE favorite!!!!! XD

Anonymous said...

Very well done! Puddleglum is hilarious!

K T Cat said...

Thanks for posting this! I was looking for the "Journey up North" quote.

Hecua said...

My favorite quotes: "'ve got to learn that life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie. You want something to sober you down a bit."

"...Won't do to quarrel, you know. At any rate, don't begin it too soon. I know these expeditions usuallly end that way: knifing one another, I shouldn't wonder, before all's done. But the longer we can keep off it-"

Beth Trissel said...

I love Puddleglum. And the above quotes are my favorites.

Unknown said...

Good ol puddleglum

Mary Blackhurst Hill said...

I love Puddleglum. My late uncle, who I loved very much, was just like Puddleglum. The kindest man I ever met.

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