Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Plans A and B

My phone dropped from 11% to 6% just pulling up the map, and I knew I wouldn't make it home without that guidance. So I had to return to my friend's house for a plan B. Someone lent me a charger, they pulled up a map online, and they wrote down directions for me.
You only have to go to Plan B if Plan A didn't work.

Creating a Plan B in the first place means you're not quite sure about Plan A. It means things aren't going the way I intended so I'm taking matters into my own hands and creating a new plan.
With God, don't make a Plan B.

"Ok, God, but if your plan doesn't work, I'm going to try..."

Daniel didn't have a Plan B if following God's dietary rules didn't pan out.

Daniel didn't have a Plan B if God didn't show him Nebuchadnezzar's dream and it's interpretation.

Daniel's friends didn't have a Plan B if God didn't step into that fire with them.

Daniel didn't have a Plan B if God didn't send an angel to stop the mouths of the lions.
Maybe I'm not ready for absolutely no Plan Bs. Maybe you're not ready either (but maybe your are). For me, I'm going to start with fewer Plan Bs. That's heading in the right direction, anyway.

Wholehearted, dependent faith.

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