Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Flossing and Prayer

Sometimes we pray like we brush our teeth. We polish things up and confess our sin, we have that Fresh Mint taste as we praise and thank the Lord, we brush every tooth- not stopping until it's clean- like we persist in requests on behalf of others. It's wonderful, really. But you can still build up plaque and even end up with a cavity.

We need to floss. The other day I decided to floss (I'm still trying to make it a habit, okay?) and I was surprised at what came out. I hadn't even realized all those little left-overs were hanging out between my molars.

It can take a searching to find the cause of the plaque.

Have you ever asked God to search you and reveal to you your sins?
You may be surprised what comes out if you humbly sit and listen.

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