Thursday, May 01, 2014

Shadow Watchers

The radio was telling me this week about those in New York who are upset about shadows. (read more here)

Developers are building very tall, and thin, skyscrapers, which are casting shadows on the public parks.

And while the shadows don't last very long, since the skyscrapers are so slender, some are concerned about what will happen to the plants and animals over time.

Good question.

God calls us to live without certain behaviors and attitudes in our lives. But maybe you think they aren't that big of a deal. They seem so small- so slim. Maybe you're rolling your eyes at the fuss everyone is making over this little shadow over your spiritual life.

Have you thought about the long-term effects as much as these irate citizens and park-goers? It may not seem like that big of a problem right now, but down the road of time they might cause quite a dilemma.

Maybe we should be a bit more concerned about the shadows in our lives.

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