Thursday, September 26, 2013


I used to love setting up winding paths of dominoes and watch as they tapped each other over, one after the other. Spacing them and deciding their paths would take me hours, and I loved to watch and listen as they clicked each other over in a chain reaction. My unpracticed hands would accidentally nudge one domino, of course, and the whole project would topple. I quickly learned to leave a few gaps that I would fill in only when I was ready to set off the domino chain.

I can remember the excitement of placing those last pieces, calling in my sisters to watch, and positioning myself to knock over the first domino. All that hard work would culminate while I watched the snake shift as the dominoes fell, and I would eagerly pick up the pieces and start over.

This week I learned (again) of the good things that happen when we obey God. It doesn't matter how big or small you think what he asked you to do is. Obey anyway, because when you obey God, the 'dominos' he has set up begin to fall. And what a blessing it is to look back and see the chain reaction of encouragement, more obedience and a stronger relationship with God! 

Let the dominoes fall!
And, to let some more dominoes fall, go ahead and leave a comment telling me about it! 


WessChipp said...

At this point in time I am not sure when or how these dominoes will fall. All I know for sure is that God is in control and I have to trust Him. No, it's not easy. But I know He is faithful to provide all that I need to do so. For example, God has provided me with encouragement by putting a girl named Nicole into my life. She has been an awesome friend. She has used God Word a number of different times to lift me up. Other times she has even challenged me in my walk with God. Thank you, Nicole, for allowing God to use you as a domino in my life.
~ WessChipp

Nicole said...

Thanks for commenting, Wess. I'm honored and glad that God has used me, and I kind of shake my head in wonder because I don't understand why or how he would use ME. But I think I'm addicted now and I can't wait for him to give me more opportunities!

It's awesome that you're trusting God even when you're unsure-- but I suppose those are the times we need to trust him the most. I like to fall back on the verse that (wherever it is) says God is not finished with us, and he will carry out to completion what he has started in us. He wont leave us half-baked. Those are very hopeful words, I think, and I pray they are encouraging, too.