Friday, May 31, 2013

The Stuff (May) Smiles Are Made Of

~Graduating college
~Listening (and singing along) to the Wicked soundtrack while cleaning the dinner dishes with sisters
~Getting a license to drive motorboats, sailboats and wave runners
~Renting a few good movies and watching them with sisters who end up loving the movies too
~When I get to go to work and be creative
~Making it a crafty Mothers Day
~The roar of fans at U.S. Cellular
~How the windows are always open, night and day, and they give a background noise of wind, trees, and birds. Even at 4am
~Friends. It's that simple
~ Playing ultimate frisbee, when I thought I'd never be able to again
~Reorganizing. Something about taking away clutter and moving things around.
~Third graders! And when they ask if you remember their name (even though you've only been away for a month :) )
~ Cleaning the kitchen with younger cousins, and coming up with a (brilliant) idea for a childrens book, even if she's the only one who ever sees it.
~ Keeping a writers journal

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