Thursday, April 18, 2013


Each day of the week has its designated chore.
For example, Monday is sweeping and taking out the trash, and Tuesday is laundry.
This works wonderfully when I actually take the time to do these things on their prescribed day, but all too often I mannage to run out of time and I end up cramming them all in on Friday or Saturday. Or, just waiting until next week to do it.

But not every daily activity should be considered a chore. I don't want my relationship with God to become a chore-- something I schedule and later try to catch up on. I want my relationship with God to be something I eagerly invest in because I love an value him.

The tricky part isn't in wanting such a relationship, but making it happen. And I've found that to keep relationships from becoming chores, I have to be intentional. When my intentionality slouches my devotions and prayer become a habit, become motions, become a chore. When I am intentional about exactly who I'm meeting with, everything changes. To keep my relationships from becoming chores I have to keep up with, I have to have the right attitude. 

Don't let your relationships with God or people become a chore. When you do, they aren't real relationships anymore.

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