Saturday, January 26, 2013


That 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'  by Jules Verne has me laughing. (I'm at chapter 10)
That resumes have so many rules
How flavored ice-cream tastes wonderful when you've only been eating vanilla for months. (Especially chocolate and mint)
That third graders love indoor recess
(that the 'schedule' option on blogger wouldn't work, and this post wouldn't post on Thursday like it was supposed to  ;)  )
That as I take over control of the classroom in student teaching, I would request having math first.
Homemade, dairy-free pizza.
That the third-graders would look at me enthralled as I recited a poem, and that they would ask for more.
That you can still text fairly well when the phone's screen is shattered. And that packing tape holds shards of phone-screen in place.
That possessive pronouns are more difficult to explain than you'd think
Adding mint extract to the decorative frosting-flowers on a birthday cake
How much of a difference it makes to greet students by name in the morning
Not having time to read.
That the lessons I teach seem to take more than their fair share of time, even when we start off ahead of the game. Grr.
Being told I have a bubbly personality. Me, the introvert.
The impact colored pens make. (It's a big one.)
That I actually found so many unexpected things in the past week...

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