Thursday, January 10, 2013

Third-Grade Smiles

What's making me smile this week?

A desk of my own in the classroom I am student teaching in
Getting into a new routine
Writing with ink and a dipping pen
A full night's sleep
Warm leftovers for lunch, instead of a cold sandwich
The third grade
Wearing dress-clothes all day, and then changing into sweats when I get home
^don't miss-read that one. I like both parts equally.
My Kindle (although my reading time has been drastically cut)
That whole new perspective of school with a 'plan period', knowing the answers to the assigned questions, and lunch with other adults.
The reaction the third graders had when they found out I'd be with them for a couple months, instead of a couple days. (We'll see if their reaction changes once I start teaching ;) )

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