Thursday, April 05, 2012

Books Instead of Movies

(If you think this post is going to be about the Hunger Games, or any other book-to-movie, sorry.)

My professor offers extra credit for a 700 word write up connecting a movie to our class topic of the day. You have to watch the movie within the last two weeks (or go rent it and watch it again), and you have to bring up the title during class to get it approved, and give everyone else a chance to watch it and do the write up.

Its a great idea, I think. It gets us students to think critically about whatever American Government Topic we are discussing that day. It gets us to apply what we talked about in class and read about in the chapter to a movie, which, as a future teacher, I think is a great way to 'trick kids into learning'.

One day, near the beginning of the semester, after class I asked the professor if I could read children or young adult books instead of watching movies. I could read a lot of thoughts on his face , one of which went along the lines of 'No one has really asked to read a book instead of watching a movie before, hmm.' Out loud, he said, 'Sure! I don't see why not!'

However, I've found that it is much more difficult to think of books that have to do with specific political issues, than it is to think of movies. With some help, though, I've found enough and I'm on my way to the maximum extra credit offered.

Hooray for books!

(If you're wondering, no- I have not seen the Hunger Games. Maybe I'll see it in a few weeks. Or when it comes out on dvd. We'll see.)


Noël De Vries said...

hmm, how will you see hg if you are fasting from media? :)

Nicole said...

haha, good question.
I'm not fasting from media anymore. I've decided that is almost too 'easy', and I'm taking a different approach. Not all media is harmful to me, so instead of saying 'no movies!' I want to prayerfully consider each one individually. Ha, it'll make me pray more, listen for God more, and probably so much more I don't even realize. And who knows, God's answer might still be no for every movie I ask about... :)

Aubrey DeVries said...

We listened to an interesting radio broadcast on the hunger games by a father and a daughter who saw it last week: