Friday, November 11, 2011


or, No-Shave-November. Here's a video advertising the month-long, campus-wide event:

cute, yeah, but... wrong? Yes, I think it is wrong.
Growing a beard doesn't make you a man.
Getting your mancard punched doesn't make you a man.
Asking a girl out doesn't make you a man.
Knowing how to open doors doesn't make you a man.

Well, not according to God's standards anyway.
For Him, and hopefully Christians in general, the things that make you a man are more like
showing respect to all people
defending the widow and orphan (ironic, then, what happens at the beginning of the video)
and using your life to glorify God.

Go ahead and grow the beard, and do all the other things MRL is sponsoring this month, just be sure you don't get fooled into thinking that suddenly, now you're a man. Search the scriptures and find out what is on God's list- what things would God have on the mancard?- and let those define your manhood.

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