Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For How Much Have You Been Forgiven?

I've been living as if I've been forgiven little. Jesus said if you have been forgiven little, you love little; if you're been forgiven much, you love much. You appreciate things more if it costs more, and it impacts your life more.

And I've only been loving God a Little until recently. I've never struggled with what our culture deems 'taboo sins', and I've always felt as if I don't have much of a testimony. God kept me from those sins, sure, but that's not the same (and quite less dramatic) in my mind. I've struggled with a plethera of others, but I've been good about hiding them. They are all small, anyway, right?

But all sin is the same to God- its detestable, intelerable. Even my little sins would cast me into hell if it weren't for Jesus' sacfrifice. Don't forget that.

You need to see you're a slave to sin before Jesus seems like good news to you. 'Cus if your sins aren't quite big enough to push you over the precipice, what do you need Jesus for, anyway?

All Christians have been saved and freed from sin- (so we need to carry them no more with us)- and we've all been forgiven much.

But how much do you perceive you've been forgiven?

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