Saturday, October 15, 2011


Sometimes I don't want to be a good student. I don't want to read the textbook. I don't want to pay close attention throughout the whole class. I don't want to take good notes. I don't want to study hard for quizzes and exams. I don't want to come to class fully prepared.

But then I realize the irony, because I'm an education major. And of course I will expect my students to do the assigned readings, and pay attention, and take notes, and study, and come to class prepared. So, I end up doing those things because it feels fake to not do them, with the intent of requiring them of others.

But that's not good enough. I should have more of a sense of obligation, no? I should have a better work ethic. We are called to do our best at whatever we do, to try to be the best at our job. And right now, my job is Student. And the type of work I do, shoddy versus exemplary, represents Christ.

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