Wednesday, July 20, 2011


that you could, hypothetically, relive certain hours in different time zones

that my sister forgot who Jane Austen was (a sister who performed in this year's cousin camp movie of Pride and Prejudice) and, upon further discussion, did not realize said author was dead.

trying to learn maps of the UK, and London, for my upcoming trip there

realizing how soon it is until school starts again.

turning all the lights off in the house, except for one, and listening to a book, while crocheting
having to drop ever so many stitches each row of the blanket, because I lost my crochet hook, and the one I'm now using is fatter, and its messing up the width of the blanket

late-night walks around a block or two, breathing in the fresh air, talking, gazing at stars or clouds with my sister, and my dad

that moment when a song comes on, and you get excited, and then realize its not the right song, but only one that starts out the same

that moment when a song comes on, and you've been trained to think its the pseudo- song that sounds like that one you like, but really, its the right one.

listening to A History of London

meeting my 1,000 words-a-day- quota for my newest project three days in a row. Yes, the first three days, but you've got to start somewhere

looking at pictures of cousin camp, and only remembering the wonderful, incredible, good moments
waking up early. after going to bed early.

hanging out with college friends- going to a movie, then tubing/skiiing/boating, then sleeping late(ish)

hatching a plan to meet with a second cousin for a movie night, since we havn't gotten together outside of family gatherings since we were kids going to the sci-tech museum

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