Friday, May 27, 2011


I picked an empty chair in the orthodontist's waiting room. Another check-up (one I did not think was particularly necessary) to make sure that, now that my wisdom teeth are out, have my teeth shifted? and does the retainer still fit? [by the way, everything was fine. She tightened the retainer a little, but I think that was unnecessary ]

I take out my crocheting project and begin. Sometimes the wait is long, and sometimes very short. It all depends.  Crocheting is a mindless activity for me now, I don't need to look at what I am doing very often, so I look around. A mom and her daughter, the girl wearing braces. A man and his son, the son without braces (but probably getting them today). A dad and his daughter, looking at a magazine together.

And then there is this other man, sitting a few chairs down for me. He is slouched in his chair, and looks comfortable, but also uncomfortable. I assume one of his kids are getting braces, because that appointment is a long one. And, the man is sleeping. Not laying back with his eyes shut, but sleeping. 'How can you know?', you ask? Well, he was snoring, too.

Every once in a while, he would snore (it was loud) and everyone in the waiting room would look around at each other and laugh to ourselves. He must have had a particularly early morning. I wondered what he would do when he woke up, but my name was called before that, and I stashed my crocheting in my purse and went in the back for my appointment.

Do you have any stories you'd like to share??

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Christy said...

I got braces once. And I hated them. The end.