Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Can You Do It?

Saturday was beautiful. This would be the first time I had roller bladed in years. I'm doing pretty well, I think, for someone who hasn't roller bladed in a while. But then, up ahead, I see some small rocks scattered across the paved path. Last minute, I try to avoid them, but my movements were too sudden and I lose my balance. I fall backwards, landing on my hands.

My right hand has it worse, the skin was actually cut open a little. I just have pavement looking bruises on the heal of my left hand. But my right hand hurts, a lot. It stings, and somehow my wrist feels thick when I try to move it. Thick like something is trying to keep it from moving. I make it back to the dorm on the roller blades, and don't risk climbing the stairs with them on. I manage to take them off only using my left hand. I run cold water over my right hand, and elicit help from my roommate and my friend, both of whom are nursing majors.

They buy me a wrap, and ice my wrist. They both say it is sprained, and my RN aunt gives a third opinion that says the same thing. A sprain. In my writing hand. The weekend before finals. My timing is impeccable, no?

I've had to do a lot of things without my right hand, and now I challenge you:

things I dare you to do without using your dominant hand

read a book
ride your bike
brush your teeth
 eat a banana
turn a key and open a door
pay for something
use a computer mouse
eat a banana
turn on your car
shift gears in your car
take a bubble test
wash your hair
change your clothes
put on socks
tie your shoe

how many were you able to do?

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