Sunday, April 24, 2011

Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices by P. Fleischman

Fleischman, P. (1988). Joyful noise: Poems for two voices. USA. A Charlotte Zolotow Book Harper & Row, Publishers. 44pp. (Grade Level: 6th-8th).

            This collection of 14 poems has the common theme of insects. Each is very different, and meant to be read by two readers at once. Sometime the two readers will read at the same time, and only sometimes they say the same words as each other. There are also detailed pencil drawings of insects above the titles of the poems.
            Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices would be an interesting book to have in the classroom, but under special circumstances. These poems are meant to be read aloud, and two people are to read simultaneously. This becomes difficult when the two readers must read completely different words. When read smoothly, these poems are interesting and elicit responses different from if it was read by only one person; there is something more awe inspiring about these. The best use I can think of for this book is for two students, who are comfortable reading in front of the class, to practice together several times, and then present.


Aubrey DeVries said...

Noel and I did a selection of these poems for a public speaking competition. Lots of fun.

Nicole said...

ooo, how long did you have to practice? I actually think I remember hearing you two practice them once, when we were at your house several years ago. I'd like to try something like that sometime; to practice and present a two-person poem. :)