Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1001 Nights; Sinbad the Seaman

1001 Nights: The illustrated fairy tales from one thousand and one nights. (2005). The first voyage of Sinbad the seaman. Berlin, Germany. pp. 62-73. (Grade Level 3-5).  

Sinbad started out very rich through family money, but soon lost it all. In order to try to gain it back, he goes on a voyage, but the ship gets shipwrecked through some unforeseen circumstances.  He manages to make it alive to an island, where he finds favor with the king. When a ship comes into dock much later with some goods of man the crew thought dead in a shipwreck, Sinbad tries to convince them that the man is he, and that he is not dead.  

The text is hard to read because it is so old-fashioned; full of laborious sentences and words we no longer use. The illustrations look like they were made on the computer, and are uninteresting and un detailed. I would not use this in my class. If I could find a different version of the story with better illustrations and more familiar text, I might consider using it to teach about the culture, or have the students create a story of their own that is similar. This story would be in first person and describe a made-up, improbable adventure they were on.

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