Thursday, May 06, 2010


Today I move back home.

Yesterday my roomie and I' broke down' our room, un-bunked the beds, rolled up the carpet, took everything off the walls... the room looks how it did when we first moved in. It feels like camp again.

Pictured is my bed, though it no longer looks like a bed. Everything I still have here that doesn't fit in the hall is piled on my bed. I won't have anywhere to put it until my mom gets here later- with the suitcases. And the car that will take me home.

My final is in a couple hours. I've spent a good amount of time this morning studying for it, but I just want to it be over and done with. I want to load all my things into the car. I want to start the drive home. Unpacking will be horrible, but I'll be home.

So right now I'm just waiting. Waiting for my mom to get here so we can load the car. Waiting for one o'clock so I can take my final (my very last final this semester). Waiting for lunch time. Waiting to go home. Waiting for suitcases. Waiting to move from Freshman to Sophomore in college. Waiting.


Unknown said...

AHH! Stress. Must feel good to know that your home to stay for more than the weekend.

Maggie DeVries said...

Don't remind me.