Thursday, May 20, 2010

Interview with Gary Schmidt

**Note, At the time of this interview I was blogging under the name Marie.**
A while back Gary Schmidt came to my school and did a writing workshop that I was able to participate in. Later I bought a signed copy of Trouble, and got to chat with him for a little bit. And guess what? Mr. Schmidt was kind enough to agree to an e-mail interview! Here it is, enjoy!
Marie: What is your favorite genre to write, and why?
Gary Schmidt: I enjoy several genres, each of which has its own pleasures. Realism is enjoyable for the closeness of experience, historical fiction for the distance.
Marie: In an average week, how much time do you spend working on writing?
Gary Schmidt: Since I teach, this varies. During the school year, about eight hours a week. During the holidays and summers, about twenty.
Marie: Can you tell us anything about a current project you are working on?
Gary Schmidt: No. Never talk about a project you are working on.
Marie: How did you get into fiction writing?
Gary Schmidt: As a diversion from writing a dissertation—and, more especially—for the pleasure of telling a story.
Marie: Do you listen to music as you write? Why or why not?
Gary Schmidt: No. It’s got to be quiet and still. Maybe a dog in the room.
Marie: How do you decide if an idea you have for a story is worth keeping?
Gary Schmidt: That takes time. I write the story, and write, and write—and sometimes it will be compelling, and I’ll be eager to go on. Sometimes it will feel mundane, or dull, or uninteresting. Then I know that probably, that isn’t the project worth pursuing.
Marie: What do you do when you get a 'mind block'?
Gary Schmidt: I don’t believe in it.
Marie: Time and money aside, what would you rather be doing?
Gary Schmidt: Well, truly, I am doing exactly what I would rather be doing—teaching and writing.
Marie: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you, and why?
Gary Schmidt: I’ve never understood this question. It has always seemed so obvious to me: three bottles of water. You’re on a desert island. What else would you bring? A novel?
Marie: What question have I not asked that I should, and what is the answer?
Gary Schmidt: What is your favorite novel? The answer: The Little World of Don Camillo.

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