Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crocodaddy~ day 3

My sister, Maggie, had a wonderful idea for me to do today for the Crocodaddy tour. She suggested making a pie, or cookies, and setting them out on the counter with a video camera concealed nearby. She figured it was the perfect way to use bait the same way the little boy did in Kim Norman's picture book.

The whole idea was to catch our own Crocodaddy, and then share our success in taming him with all of you. It was a great idea! But, sadly, my Senior-itis is not only attacking at school, but I am beginning to procrastinate in other areas, too. So I never got the snack baked, not to mention the hunt recorded...

Some excuse, huh? :)

So, instead of taking you on a Crocodaddy hunt, how about I help you with hunting through all the blogs on this tour?

A Christian Worldview of Fiction ~ talks about how reading aloud is good for children
A Mom Speaks ~ a review, and crocodile crafts
All About Childrens Books~ links to a video, a chance to win a book, a review, and an interview
Becky's Book Reviews~ a book giveaway, an interview, and a review
Booking Mama~ a review and a recomendation
Cafe of Dreams~ talks about games, a review, and information on the author
Dolce Bellezza~ on past games
Elizabeth O. Dulemba~ an interview
Through the Looking Glass~ a review, an interview, talks about Fathers Day, and a book giveaway
Maw Books~ an interview, and a review
Never Jam Today~ about games, reviews from little siblings, and a review
Olive Tree~ a review
Our Big EArth~ a give away
Reading Is My Superpower~ review, interview, and a give-away
SMS Book Reviews~ review, interview and a give-away
160 Acre Woods~ review and praise
Through a Child's Eyes~ review, and reviews of their other books

Have fun, and thank you for joining me for this Crocodaddy tour.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to everyone, Marie. As much I would have loved to see the crocodaddy hunt, I like the round-ups of the tours you do, too.

Holly said...

Hehe...poor senior.

Nicole said...

thank you, Sally.

Cuileann, it just keeps getting worse and worse!So much to do and so little motivation... :)