Monday, May 11, 2009

Crocodaddy~ day 1

Hello and welcome to the Crocodaddy Tour.

Today I plan to talk about:
- the writing,
-tomorrow about the art,
-and Wednesday about the other blogs...


Crocodaddy is a picture book about a little boy who is on a Crocodaddy hunt. Throughout the book the boy tries to find, capture, and tame the Crocodaddy who lurks in the lake.

the book is engaging, to say the least. I know I am a Senior, and this is a picture book, but I still thinking is was interesting and engaging. The text changes in style, size, color, shape, and font to add just the right emphasis at just the right time.

The author, Kim Norman, wrote Crocodaddy as a poem. We haven't studied a whole lot of poetry this semester in school, but from what I remember, Kim's picture book is written in iambic meter. And I think its more specifically iambic pentameter...

But the type of meter used does not matter much. It reads smoothly, with a beat to it... one I would almost consider a 'hunting beat', perfect for the story.

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Anonymous said...

wow! Impressive, Marie. I liked the way it sounded, is all. heh heh I have no idea what it's called.

I'm glad you liked it.