Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No TV Week Update

My No TV Week went really well, even better than I thought it would. It went so well that I am enforcing it for another week, until Sunday. During the extra time I had from not watching TV, I was able to accomplish many things I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.
I edited my story all the way through in only seven or eight hours. That story was so long and hard to read I never thought that was possible. I cannot wait to make the necessary changes in this draft.
I also have read three books, and have had time to get to bed earlier. I read Mara Daughter of the Nile, Roller Skates, and I Capture the Castle. I plan to read Anne of Green Gables this month, and maybe even some others, if there is time.
So, I have decided that there are endless possibilities to what one can do, if one makes time for it. You can never know what you could have accomplished if you had taken the correct amount of time to do it. Therefore, I am making a proposition: I propose that you give up some novelty, or ‘time waster’ for a week, or longer, and find out what you can do.


Anonymous said...

I've heard I Capture the Castle is a really good book, but I've never read it. There is a movie of it, but I think it's rater R or PG-13 because of nudity. Noel said there isn't any nudity in the book though... Once when I was sick I listened to Roller Skates on tape, but I slept on and off, so I didn't get the whole story in. What I did hear I thought was pretty hilarious.

I was going to read Anne of Green Gables this month too (100th Anniversary), but I'll just be listening to the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's abridged version. We will also be having an Anne Tea Party, hosted by our very own Noel!

Mara is such a great book!!!!!!!


Nicole said...

I am loving Anne, I began it several years back but I stopped because I knew some things that were going to happen from the movie. I really do love it though. I laugh almost every time Anne speaks, there is no relation whatsoever guaranteed from one sentence to the next. At one point she is telling Mirilla the pleasures of apologizing, and in the next sentence she goes on about picking the star she would most like to live on, and in the very next breath, she decides she would like to be the wind for a day, because there is so much 'scope for imagination' in the wind...
anyway, if anyone was havening second thoughts about reading this, I strongly suggest that you start it as soon as you can. Besides, it IS the 100th anniversary month for it...