Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Would it Be?

So, I wrote some poems the other day and wanted to get your opinions on this one. Note: this is my first attempt at free verse, so it may be a bit rough.

What Would it Be?

what would winter be
without snow?
what would spring be
with out rain?
what would summer be
without t the beach?
or fall
without the leaves?

What would day be
without the sun?
what would night be
without the moon?
what would stars be
without a glow?
or the sun
without its warmth

what would a baker be
without yeast?
what wold a police be
without crime?
what would a Judge be
without a court
or us
without Christ?


Erin said... Just, wow. That's absolutely lovely. May I post it on my blog (linking and crediting you of course)?

I love it.

Nicole said...

Sure, glad you liked it!

Maggie DeVries said...

Marie, thats amazing!
At first I thought you just copied it off something!

Nicole said...

no, I wrote it, and didn't think much of it when I did. God can take just little tidbits of things we feel and know and turn them into something amazing!