Saturday, January 26, 2008


Gifts. I was a little wary of this book at first, but decided to give it a try anyway. I am glad I did now! As you can see, this book made it to my ‘favorites’ list. I suppose I ought to tell you why.

There are basically two parts of land in the world this book takes place in; the Uplands and the Lowlands. In the Lowlands are people like us. They live a life we would call normal, but their neighbors are not so normal. The people that inhabit the Uplands have gifts, each lineage a different one. One lineage has the Knife; one had the Broom, one the Unmaking, one the Calling, one the Wasting, and more. Orrec's lineage has the Unmaking gift; just by seeing something, and thinking about it, and saying the ‘word’ the person can unmake something. They can untie knots, and other things, but the scary part is that they can unmake people and animals. Orrec’s friend Gry can call animals. She can make them come, or calm them, or train them.

In this book, Orrec has to go through life blind for three years to protect his family and friends. He had got the wild gift, he could not control what he did, he could not feel it, or stop it. Many things, happy and sad, happen during this time and he has to learn to cope. He misses the sun, and seeing the faces of his family, and those of his friends, and wants to know what other things look like now. Yet he refuses to lift the blind fold knowing someone’s life may be at stake. He goes through many things he mightn't have if he could see, and gets through these with his friend Gry.

After being in the dark for three years, Orrec remembers some of the events from before, and a new light is brought to him. He makes some drastic changes in his life that set the stage for the sequel.

I give Gifts a strong 4/5


batgirl said...

Hi Marie, Janet here. One of Noel's weird writer friends. Just wanted to peek at your blog. Very nice. Actually, it's funny because yesterday I started a new college class and ended up chatting about books with the girl next to me. She's a major sci fi and fantasy fan. I asked her what she recommened, and she told me I HAD to read Ursula. I'd never heard of her till yesterday; now I see her name at the top of your blog. I might just check her out for myself after reading your review. God bless!

Nicole said...

Glad to have you here! I really did like this book, I want to start the next in the series soon. She takes a common plot we have all read and twists it around it seems brand new! I really enjoyed this book, and I hope you will too.

Noël De Vries said...

I haven't actually read Le Guin, though she's a pillar of modern fantasy. I have read some things about her that made me wary, though. Keep an eye out for New Age junk, Marie! :)

Nicole said...

My eye is open, actually, both are. Thanks for the warning!