Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Why You Should Listen to Christmas Music this Summer

Context is usually dangerously important; without it we make wrong conclusions and decisions. Seasons offer an important context to music, but what if they also, indirectly, swallow the meaning?

In the season of Christmas we celebrate one of the most important moments in history, but I am guilty of only occasionally thinking of God's human birth outside of the season. And, quite honestly, Jesus' birth is so expected during the season that His incarnation often loses meaning.

It was the beginning of June and we were about halfway through our 20-hour car ride home from Maine when my iPod played Silent Night, Holy Night. I was caught off guard and almost skipped it, but I listened, trying to understand the reality of it all. I was impacted more by the song than I ever had been before, simply because it was June, and not December.

It might be a stretch for you, but do listen to the song.
Listen, as if you've never heard the song or its message before.

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