Thursday, June 05, 2014

Passing Time with a Time Lord

I used to waste hour upon hour of long car-trips. Since I can't spend the time reading, writing or drawing due to motion sickness, I used to just sit there, listen to music, or try to strike up a conversation.

Recently, I remembered audio books, and it helped solve my problem. Now, I can listen to a book while along for a ride in a car trip. I've learned not to do this while driving, though, since I get awfully distracted.

I've listened to many kinds of books, often from my library's website. Sometimes fiction, sometimes nonfiction, sometimes sermons. The past few have been incredibly exciting to me: Doctor Who episodes! Apparently, they made audiobook adventures on top of the TV episodes.

And, they are read by the Doctor in the story!

The Jade Pyramid- Martin Day (Read by Matt Smith)

The Doctor and Amy Pond go to medieval Japan in response to a distress call. The tribal leader takes them to the temple, where the Doctor and Amy think the distress call is coming from. The Emperor of Japan knows there's something powerful there, too, and sends some Samurai to bring it back to him. Some people in the tribe want to resist, some want to comply, and the Doctor wants to find out what the distress signal was about.

This episode was decent. Being the first episode I listened to, it was very novel to me and I couldn't get over the fact that they actually had Matt Smith read it. Although I can't remember anything particularly unbelievable (for a Doctor Who adventure) it just wasn't one of the better ones that were able to suspend my unbelief.

Pest Control- Peter Anghelides (Read by David Tennant) 

The Doctor and Donna Noble are on a different planet in the middle of a war between two races, the TARDIS gets whisked off, and there are giant bugs. Then, a giant robot shows up having a sole purpose of destroying the bugs (and anything that gets in the way). Not interesting enough? Well, something might be turning the people into the bugs, and Donna might be next.

Somehow, putting radically impossible events like this on another planet makes it ok. I didn't particularly like the episode, but that might be because I've never really been a fan of Donna Noble.

Dead Air- James Goss (Read by David Tennant)

A recording of the Doctor's voice is found on the wreckage of pirate DJs from 1966. It starts, "Hello, I'm the Doctor. And, if you can hear this, one of us is going to die." He had tracked a weapon called the Hush to the floating radio station, and enlisted the 3 DJs on board to help him trap and destroy the Hush before it can escape the boat and destroy everything on earth that makes noise.

This was by-far the best. It was presented as an audio-recording so it made perfect sense that I would be listening to it. I loved this episode, and I've been on a sort of quest to find one just as involving, creative, and hard-to-push-pause.

Do you listen to Audio Books? Do you watch Doctor Who? Tell me about it below!

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