Thursday, February 06, 2014

Naming Crayons

The kindergarteners sometimes have trouble finding the crayon color they're asked to find. Now that they know how to read, it's no longer good enough to identify a crayon by its color, they want to read the color. 

And whoever named those colors wasn't doing kindergarteners a favor. I spent several minutes telling students if their crayon 'counted' for blue, or yellow, or brown. 

It got me thinking-- if, someday, a Christian decided to make their own brand of crayons, and name them accordingly, what would they be called? To amuse myself, I came up with some...

Burning Bush? That'd be orange. 
Manger Hay? Yellow. 
Jordan River? It could be a blue crayon-- or a brown one. 
Light On A Hill? Another shade of yellow, of course. 
Gideon's Fleece? White
Alter Stones? Gray.
Jesus' Blood? Red. 
Blood of the Martyrs (this you probably wouldn't put in the package for Kindergarteners...) Red.
Green Pastures-- green. 
Still Waters? Dark blue. 
The Fine Linen of the Woman Who Fears the LORD? Purple. 
A Time To Love? I'm going with Pink...
Wiseman's/Magi's Gold? Gold- the kind that looks metallic. 

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