Thursday, January 09, 2014

Take Solomon's Word For It

Have you ever received something worth more than gold and silver, without even asking for it? 

Proverbs claims that Wisdom is more valuable than gold.

Why so valuable? Proverbs (again.) promises that Wisdom will protect us (help us make good decisions) and honor us (help others make good decisions). And all it takes is being wise? 'Well', I thought. 'Sign me up for this!'

But, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Wisdom is not one of those valuable things you are given, without even asking for it. 

It takes work. 

Solomon asked for Wisdom, and God gave it to him, yet even for him it wasn't that easy. 

God gave him Wisdom, but Ecclesiastes shows us that quite a lot of it came from experience. In Proverbs, our dear friend Solomon says you have to get it.

He doesn't say hope for Wisdom. 
He doesn't say ask for Wisdom. 
He doesn't say wait for Wisdom. 

Solomon advises us to get Wisdom. 

He tells us to be active about it, not passive.

You have to work for Wisdom. 
And then you have to work to keep her. 

Solomon tells us Wisdom will protect and watch over us-- if we do not forsake her and if we love her (Proverbs 4:6). She will exalt and honor us-- if we cherish and embrace her (Proverbs 4:8 emphasis mine)

These (not forsake, love, cherish, embrace) are things that take effort. 

I used to avoid hard work, inventing all sorts of excuses. But a couple of years ago I realized that hard work is rewarding. There is nothing quite like a satisfied exhaustion. When you know you worked hard and accomplished a lot and are very tired now, but you have confidence that your work was very purposeful. 

Working for Wisdom is like that-- hard work, but satisfying. 

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