Thursday, December 06, 2012


I was hearing mentions of Mother Theresa nearly every day. after a week of it I got some biographies from the library, and still it continued for another two weeks. I'm amazed that Mother Theresa made the decision to leave her family and country to become a nun when she was only 18 years old. I don't know if my 18 year old self had the courage. I don't know if my 18 year old self was focused enough on God to be sure if He was really calling me to anything or not. Reading about her life, the bits and pieces that led up to how she transformed the world, her childhood homelife was vital to who she became. Really, the things we know her so well for her family was doing when she was a child. Don't underestimate the impact of parents.

Also, I've been reading Prayer by Richard Foster. It is reawakening a longing within myself, deep within myself, in a place I didn't know existed. I crave the intimacy and prayer life that Mr. Foster writes about, and I'm reminded of the times when I had it. But then life continues and is persistently distracting. And I get my priorities all inverted and suddenly I'm replacing my prayer and meditation time with getting my make-up just so, and getting a few minutes more sleep, or watching a movie, or crafting -- or blogging. It's an interesting way to learn that I can do no good in myself, that I need God to move in me. But I've actually got to be open to Him moving. I've got to put myself in positions where He has free reign.

A few weeks ago I found a book that stopped me in my tracks. The title wasn't at all familiar, but the cover art seemed to be. Just by seeing it I knew I had read it before. I had read it over ten years ago, and had been trying to think of the title for quite some time since then. When I saw this book, I knew I had found it. I did not even open it or read a synopsis. I was sure. So I bought it. I will read it soon, and I'm hoping it was one worth remembering.

Mother Teresa: The Early Years, by David Porter
Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home, by Richard Foster
The Art of Keeping Cool, by Janet Taylor Lisle

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