Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Return To Modesty by Wendy Shalit

I'd been excited about this book*, but was disappointed.

The book didn't feel applicable, or relevant. It was more of an informational read. With lots of quotes from magazines, and lots of satire. Lots of satire. I just kept rolling my eyes, trying not to get too annoyed at Shalit's attitude. I got the impression that she thought she'd already arrived, and we should follow her wonderful example. She also used a lot of loaded words, when talking about other people's opinions. I don't know, maybe this is ok, but I didn't like reading it. It seemed too condescending.

But really my biggest problem was the attitude Shalit had, her tone. She talked a lot about embarrassment, and shyness, and things like that, but proceeded to talk about anything and everything very openly and without restraint. With no modesty. She says, "When people ask me, Isn't it immodest to write about modesty?" her answer is "yes, of course it is," but argues that its ok because girls need to hear it. But my answer would be no. No, it doesn't have to be immodest to write about modesty, it just matters how you approach it, and how you discuss it, and what tone you use. I think that this could have been a great book, but it would need to be rewritten.

There were good quotes, Shalit did have incredible insights, and most of the information is great. But I found myself skimming the last chapter just trying to be done with the book, instead of being captivated by it as 'last chapters' should be, in my opinion. She had a lot of great ideas, and some thoughts that I'll keep in my mind and quote book, but honestly, I'm glad to be done with the book.

*(usually I'd include a picture of the book cover, but I'm opting out for this book. I don't even suggest finding it on Google)

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