Sunday, December 25, 2011


Every year before opening gifts, my dad reads part of Luke 2, the Christmas story.  We had a Christmasy pandora station playing this morning, as we woke up and finished getting breakfast into the oven.

Every once in a while, this station plays movie scores. A dramatic score started up just as my dad found the right page in the huge white Bible. We tried to just ignore the music as dad read, but that didn't work out so well. The music swelled and built up, and in the movie you knew something important would be happening, that you wouldn't be able to peel your eyes away from the screen.

But, in the story we were reading, it seemed anticlimactic. At the point in the movie where the villain would sweep in and attack-- a governor orders a census. When the hero would be sweeping in-- a baby is born. During the huge fight scene-- the baby is put in a manger. When the hero is recuperating, getting ready to attack at just the right time-- shepherds show up.

For the first time, it struck me how particularly odd God's plan was.

And just because the music didn't seem to match up, this was pretty important. There is a subtle difference between 'anticlimactic' and 'a sneak attack'.

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