Monday, August 22, 2011

Seeds Grow

I love gardens.

So, I'm taking one with me to college. I shall find somewhere, I hope, in our apartment, that can be their home.

Some pictures:

My first little lettuce popping up

Chives, transplanted from my mother's 

The chives again, several days later, and with most of the dead parts cut out.

The second lettuce growing, after I took out the first one. 

This is that first lettuce again, right after moving it to a larger pot.
You can't see all of it, because it is partially hidden in dirt...
You can see white around the plant- its an eggshell!

My eggshell starters for the other plants I'll be growing this semester.
When they start growing, I'll move the whole shell into a larger (but still smallish) plastic pot.
Hopefully they won't outgrow their second homes!
Cilantro, Oregano, Parsley, and Lettuce (assorted kinds)
It takes time for seeds to grow, but they do. If you take care of them right. And even when they're growing, it will be some time before you can harvest them, or see them bloom.
Seeds you plant in your life are the same. The words you speak, the words spoken into you, the things you watch and listen to. What you read, what you think about, what you spend time on. You will see these seeds grow, in time. Some good, some bad. Pull the weeds as soon as you can, and stop planting them. And in their place plant some beautiful seeds that will grow, and whose harvest you wont mind collecting.

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J.M. Roberts said...

Yay! I love gardens, but I have never had any luck with indoor plants. I always water them to death. I want results right away, with everything in life. I have zero patience. But life is more like seeds. I always need that reminder.