Friday, March 11, 2011

10 Minutes 'Till Bedtime, by P. Rathmann

From my Literary Journal in my Children's Literature class:
Rathmann, P. (1998). 10 minutes till bedtime. New York, NY. G. P. Putnam. 46 pp. (Grade
            Level: K-3rd).

            The little boy 's father tell him he has 10- minute until bedtime, so he starts getting everything ready. Soon, many hamsters flood into the house for the bedtime tour. The hamsters participate as the boy gets ready for bed, doing what he does and just having a lot of fun. Many more hamsters show up, more than the boy and his pet hamster had planned on, and they are added to the tour. Finally, when they boy is ready for sleep, there are too many excited hamsters, so they boy sends them away, just before his father comes in, and he is able to fall asleep.
            The colors are vivid and well chosen. The pages before and after the actual story are also important to the plot progression, showing the boy getting ready for the tour and his pet hamster putting an ad on the internet for hamster 10 minute bedtime tours. The boy's father calls out from the other room every minute how many minutes are left until bedtime. The bold red numbers help the younger readers know its time to shout out a number, and the father says the same thing each time so young readers quickly become familiar with it and can read along outloud. It is also cute that the boy reads a book to the hamsters, and it is the '10 minutes till bedtime' book. At different points in the story, the book is open to a different page- the page the readers are on. Also, there are many other things within the book that young readers can be asked to count, besides the number of minutes before bedtime. 

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