Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too Many Books, C. Bauer

From my Literary Journal for my Children's Literature class:
Bauer, C. Ill. Patterson, D. (1984). Too many books. New York, NY. Frederick Warn Inc. 32 pp.             (Grade Level K-2)

          "  Little MaryLou loves books, always borrowing them from the library and even getting them as gifts. Her collection gets slightly out of hand, soon, and books are stored not only on shelves but also in the tub, refrigerator, and stacked everywhere throughout the house. In the end, MaryLou decides the best thing she can do with her books is to share them, and she leaves s small stack of them everywhere she goes, and really leaves a literary impact on her city. But she doesn't notice, because she is too busy reading.
             The short picture book story of MaryLou is a great book for young children. The illustrations are colorful, and fun to look at. I remember borrowing this from the library week after week, even before I could read it to myself. Aside from the positive connotation portrayed of reading that could encourage young students to read expansively, Too Many Books also shows the importance of sharing, and this could be useful in a K-3 classroom. The short book is also repetitive, which is a great for students who are learning to read, or who have yet to learn. The plot is simple, and easy to follow and even predict. The young girl reads all the time, she collects many books, she has too many books, and she shares her books with others. "

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