Sunday, January 30, 2011


I suppose, if we didn't really like our idols, it wouldn't be difficult to give them up.

But thats the problem. The whole issue is that we love them so much, we wonder if we could live without them. So thats why its slightly (ha!) painful for me to think God may have shown me an idol in my life. Something I love so much, and spend so much time with, and think about so much that God's got to compete for my attention and time.

Fiction. Its my weak spot. My Achilles Heal. If I've got a good book, it takes quite a measure of self control to do homework, or laundry, or spend time with friends. Not to mention do my devotions, pray, and spend intentional time with God. So (deep breath) I'm cutting them out.

All fiction. Even the book I'm in the middle of right now. Even the ones I have on hold at the library. Even Shakespeare, and the books I downloaded to listen to on my iPod. I will allow non-fiction, but not liberally. I will allow the books I'm required to read for class, but not allow myself to indulge in them. And in place of that, with all my extra time, I'm going to seek after God with all my heart.

I don't know how long this will be. I don't know when I will pick up fiction again. But I can tell you this: it wont be until I could wait. Until I get to that point where its no longer an issue. How will I know? I'm not sure, honestly. But if I would much rather spend time with God than read, if I would rather sit alone with God and my Bible than sit in a chair in my room with a book, if I would prefer to listen to God than my favorite author's book, then I'm getting close.

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