Tuesday, December 07, 2010

On: The Lack of Black Ink

The printer in our room is out of black ink.
To the point where you can't even print in color, and make the printer create black ink. (which I wouldn't suggest doing anyway, 'cus that wastes the color ink).
And of course, its the end of the semester. A little over a week until I travel home again. So it feels pointless to go buy an ink cartage.
But, of course, its the end of the semester. When everything is due. Take home tests that must be typed. Resource files. Papers.
And, of course, all the other random things I print.

But I can't. Because there is no black ink.

Thankfully I still live on inner campus, and the library is about two minutes away, walking. (Through the icy-cold, not-even-20-degrees-out-weather [not including wind chill]). So, I walk. Bundled. Very, very, bundled. Thankful for borrowed gloves from younger sisters. And I manage to find an open computer. Which is quite a feat.

But, the computer wouldn't let me print. I couldn't figure it out. After about ten, fifteen minutes, I left. I gave up. Hopefully, someone on my floor will let me print...

Or, maybe we'll go out and buy some black ink. There's always that possibility.

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Erin said...

haha yes, I guess there's always that possibility of leaving the safety of campus to go out into the real world where people buy ink when they run out because they don't have a library two minutes away that prints for 10cents and has faulty computers.

i ran out of black, abby ran out of color...it's a mutually beneficial relationship : P