Monday, November 15, 2010

Links to Life

Ready? Set: Go!!!

I am trying to learn a version of this song on the piano.

I get to teach two reading lessons to my Field Experience class, and the little reading the Teacher gave me is about these.

I love this painting.
oh, and this one too!

I am into crocheting. I've made a blanket, scarf, fingerless glove, 1 sock, and a Bible case in the past two months. I have yarn to make another scarf, and more yarn for more fingerless gloves.

I rediscovered Newsboys this weekend. There are several songs I refellinlove with, and these are some of them:
Your Love Is Better Than Life
Something Beautiful
Wherever We Go

I went to a book sale Saturday, left $19.50 there, and came away with 17 books.

Since the first day of NaNoWriMo, I have not added ANY words to my novel. Hopefully I'll have time this week, because I really like the plot line.

We watched this video in my Intro To Fine Arts class... its kinda creepy, and kinda cool


Erin said...

that video you saw in your finearts class...well the colors and facial expressions make it extra weird. but he's flat and it's like nails on a chalkboard for me! could you tell it was flat? i had to ask my dad to be sure, but it made me cringe at some bits.

why did you watch it in class?

Nicole said...

yes, I agree that its a tad creepy (okay, a little more than a tad ;) ) but its still kinda cool.
lol! I know pretty much nothing about what music is /supposed/ to sound like, so it sounded pretty good to me :D maybe with some practice I'll be able to detect sharp and flat singing..
we watched it because we were learning about the different kinds of singers, and this was an example of a counter tennor (I think...). The prof. /did/ say that this guy wasn't the best, and that his form was really bad, but that it was just to give us an idea of how some people can sing like that :)