Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things That Are Making Me Happy

I've noticed that Holly, over at Eating a Tangerine, frequently posts 'things that are making me happy'. And because lots of things make me happy, and its good to share happiness, I thought I'd give it a try.

*reading a 400+ page book in less than a day
*being all moved in at school, ready for classes to start tomorrow
*that one of the walls in my dorm room is covered in postcards my roommate and I got from around the world (postcrossing.com)
*having pen pals
*writing letters
*that my cousin comes home soon
*planning the first grocery-store trip of the semester for this afternoon
*the Fudge Petites my roommate brought
*that, after being on campus a day or two, it doesn't really feel like I really left for that long.
*that the showers in this dorm have hot water. Last year, that wasn't always a guarantee, unless you got up early enough ;)

what about you?


Sarah M. said...

WoW! 400 pages in less than a day. That is very impressive. What were you reading?

Sounds like a great day - fudge petites and all. :)

Noël De Vries said...

aw, thanks

it's sad to be leaving europe, but it will be good to be home, too

Nicole said...

I read 'Redeeming Love'. It was very, very good.

:) I can't wait to hear all your stories, Noel! I am sure it is bitter sweet.

marie e. said...

How does postcrossing work? Do you have to buy a lot of post cards and stamps and send them to the addresses the website gives you? Do you actually write on them? It sounds awesome!

Nicole said...

Yes, you have to buy postcards and postage (98 cent stamps). I only do a few a month, and try not to get carried away :) I do write on them, but I've gotten a few postcards that just say 'happy postcrossing!'It IS awesome