Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hans Christian Anderson

I have been reading some fairy tales by author Hans Christian Anderson. I had been curios about them for a while, and decided to pick up a book with several of the short stories in it.
I was astonished. People get their heads chopped off, mothers give up all they have to save their children (who die anyway), even the story of The Little Mermaid was different! In the original version, she ends up dieing and does not get to marry the Prince.
And people read these stories to their children as bedtime stories!?!?!?

Yet for some reason I kept reading. There is something about the stories that kept me interested. A friend of mine said that she read them mainly because they were a bit spooky- sort of a children's scary books. So, if that is the type of book you enjoy, pick up some of Anderson's works!


Erin said...

A lot of people think I'm weird for this, but I love the original Little Mermaid. FAR more than the Disney version.

Nicole said...

I was pretty surprised that Disney was able to make that movie and call it 'the little mermaid'- it is NOTHING like the original story!