Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why I'm Gone

well, I've been meaning to make this post for a while, but kept putting it off... so here I am, Saturday and five AM getting ready to go. where? I am going on a Missions Trip to Arizona this week (it is going to be so fun!) Any way, they will have NO computers (and hardy any phone service, ), so that means that I will not be here for about a week. I will post some pictures when I get back!


Noël De Vries said...

hehehe you're reading alex rider.

fyi, pettyfer is MINE.

Nicole said...

: P
he he he he
: )

yeah, I found the books while looking for the movie.

do you know if they are making any more movies from the series? I hope so!

Noël De Vries said...

Sorry, don't think so.

Nicole said...

oh... thats sad.

I wish they would!

... but wishes are not always granted...
At least I can read the rest of the series :)