Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wildwood Dancing

Wildwood Dancing is a retelling of the fairy tale 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'. There are only five sisters in this version, but any more would end up being too complicated. Each sister has a completely different character than the other.
--Tati is busy being in love
--Jena is trying to get back everything that is rightfully hers
--Iulia is trying to grow up, maybe a little too fast
--Paula is the one who has responsibility thrust upon her when her elder sisters neglect their work
--Stella does not understand everything that is happening, and is a bit confused by it all.

The only thing that bugged me was that the story is set in Romania, so all the characters and places have Romanian names- and pronunciations. There is an index in the back, but I felt that it took away from the actual story to have to stop reading and look things up every couple of seconds. As you continue reading, though, you either learn the correct pronunciations, or, like me, make up some of them.

Prepare yourself for forbidden love, greedy cousins, magic enchantments, secret passages, and a loyal pet frog.

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