Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Mennyms

I had heard this story before, we have it on tape. It wasn't something we bought, or that anyone else could, but it was a gift from some cousins who put it on tape themselves. I love listening to those tapes, books always sound different when someone reads them to you; especially if it’s your cousins. I loved this story, but I never went to the library to read it for myself; that is, until just recently.

It was interesting how things 'sound' different in your mind when you read them as opposed to when you hear them. I caught on to different parts, and clung to different words and phrases when I saw them for myself. I even caught myself 'hearing' the words in my mind the same way my cousins read them onto the tape; this comes from listening to them so often...

The story is about this family of three generations that live in a rented house in England. Once or twice a friend of Vinetta comes to visit and talk, her name is Miss Quigley. Sounds fun, doesn't it? But, no story is a story without a conflict. This family is in danger because the owner of the house has died and the house now belongs to a relation of his; Albert Pond. This 'Albert' wants to visit the house his Great Aunt Kate lived in, so he plans on visiting the Mennyms to see it and meet them. There is a catch. The Mennyms are not what we would call 'normal'. They are rag dolls who can sleep, walk, talk, hear, feel, and, most importantly, pretend. They must find a way to keep Albert Pond away, and keep their secret safe.

I love Miss Quigley. She is one of the 'things' that make me happy. She stays away until she is wanted, she does not pry. Later her talents are uncovered: she can take good care of the baby, she is a good business woman, she can paint and more.


Noël De Vries said...

Very nice review, Marie. I really like your summary.

We must must must get a copy of those tapes. I can't even remember who did who, but I'd love to hear us again! (I think I was Appleby ... and Pilbeam? If so, I was a good-part hog. :)

Maggie DeVries said...
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Nicole said...

glad you liked the review. It took a while to get it right. Sometimes you have to be inspired to write a review, just like in creative writing or poetry.

: ) I was supposed to bring them to GBearR,... but I forgot.... I have them, so when we see each other again I need to give them to you... It is kinda funny, actually, because you all sound SOOO different now!!